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Summer Solstice Title
Quotes are from my new novel, "The Voices of the Stars".

"The Sacrificed God…
When He is likened to the Sun, He is born in the depths of  the Longest Night – a babe – to grow to his full brilliance and strength at the pinnacle of Mid-Summer – the Longest Day...    Then he is vanquished by his  Brother/Other Self, his Divine Twin – God of the  diminishing Light, to rest in the arms of his Mother/Lover – She who births him once again as the Child of Promise,
 at the next Longest Night."

Many traditions call these Sun Round Brothers the Kings of Oak and Holly.  Around the world they are envisioned as other mythic symbols and characters.  These are as necessary, in a mythic way, as are Chaos (the lack of form) and Cosmos, (the Universe of form) Female and Male, Darkness and Light, Contraction and Expansion. In the macrocosm these are all the Breathing in and the Breathing out of the Universe.  All are compatible polarities – and necessary for life to continue.  One Creation, but many expressions – all beautiful and perfect.  How could we and everything we see and perceive not be perfect?  We all are expressions in form – and Spirit – of the Great ONE’s desire.

        Godspeed and Goddess Bless,

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