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Of the hundreds of sources used for my books and subsequent research, I have selected only those secondary sources which are either major, classical works on the topic (and so, although often older, still readily available) or those books which stood out from the many thousands on the topics I write about, for one reason or another.

Historical Sources -

Nennius, c 800,  Historia Britonum.
 It is important chiefly for the study of early British legends, especially the Arthurian legend.

Aneirin, c1200, Book of Aneirin,
The Book of Aneirin manuscript is from the later 13th century, but "Y Gododdin" a Welsh epic poem, has been dated to anywhere between the 7th and the early 11th centuries.  One stanza in particular has received attention because it mentions King Arthur, which, if not an interpolation, would be the earliest known reference to that character.  

Novels -

Wilson, Catherine M. , When Women Were Warriors: Books I, II & III.  
Trilogy set in Bronze age Britain.  A prehistoric matriarchy in which women wield a great deal of power and are trained for war right alongside the men.

Other -

Campanelli, Pauline, Wheel of the Year: Living the Magical Life.  
Reverent and heartfelt Nature ways with seasonal explanations and suggested activities.

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