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HOME - Front page of web site, will feature most current publication of Rowena Whaling.

ARTICLES -  Index of  articles written by Rowena Whaling

DRAGON MYTH -  Excerpt from Voices of the Stars by Rowena Whaling.
A WINTER'S TALE - Excerpt from Voices of the Stars by Rowena Whaling.
WHEEL OF THE YEAR -  General information on the Wheel of the Year by Rowena Whaling
THE GRAIN & HERB HARVEST -  Also known as Lammas.  Explanation and practices.
SAMHAIN -Explanation.
IMBOLC - Explanation.
BELTANE - Excerpt from Voices of the Stars.
SUMMER SOLSTICE - Excerpt and commentary.

BIOGRAPHY - Biographical notes on Rowena Whaling.

BOOKS - Currently a synopsis of  "Voices of the Stars",  Eventually an index to such information for each of Rowena Whaling's publications of historical fiction.

BOOK SIGNING -  How to schedule a book signing event with Rowena Whaling and/or have a copy of the book personally autographed for you or someone else.

CITATION - How to cite this web site for formal papers.

COPYRIGHT -  All the pesky ownership information of web site for those that want to know.
EVENTS - Calendar listing Rowena Whaling's schedule of appearances with full details.  Be sure to meet her live if you can, it will be a delight!

GUEST BOOK -   Please sign it.!

LINKS - Web sites, commercial and personal, that she recommends.

ORDER - Links to buy Rowena Whaling's books, music, t-shirts and other products.

PRIVACY - It is all about transparency, allowing you to know what the site does and does not do when you visit.

REVIEWS - Book reviews, accolades and interviews.

SITE MAP - You are here!

SOURCES -   Recommended reading for further research into various aspects of Rowena Whaling's books.

Rowena of the Glen - Rowena Whaling's band web site.  Lots of information on  the  CDs and music.
Facebook Rowena of the Glen - Rowena of the Glen blog.  Ask questions and keep  up with the latest band news.
Facebook Rowena Whaling - Personal FB page, drop by and say hi!
Facebook Voices of the Stars - Rowena Whaling's FB author page.  A blog on all the latest happenings with the Voices of the Stars series.
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