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Samhain title

Why does the year of those who follow the Old Ways end at Samhain?  It is because everything in Great Nature appears to whither and die - all but for the Evergreens, which seem never to sleep at all.  Even the Animals who burrow, cave and tunnel go to their cold weather slumber at this time of year.

I would like to share some quotes from my novel “Voices of the Stars” with you.

“You see, the (Old) Tribes count their Days as beginning at sundown and ending with sundown – just as do the Clans – to honour the Great Mother, from the Dark Waters of whose womb all Creation has sprung.  The Tribes hold that at sundown each Day, all things return to the Chaos of un-manifested potentials, to become again a great soup from which, at the next Dawning, a new Creation arises, which BECOMES, – lives and breathes – until the next sundown, when all things UN-BECOME and return again to the Great Mother.”

Just so is it with the year at the season of Samhain...

“Yes, the Ancestors Feast will soon be upon us – the Time of Red and Gold Leaves, when the veil between the worlds is thin...  Already I feel that that Time is coming upon us as strongly as if waxing into a Full Moon.  But the undertow pulls us down.  Our Ancestors call.  Our Loved ones intrude into our thoughts unbidden.” 

Weather we realize it or not, we all live on Nature’s Great “Wheel of the Year”  with “All Our Relations”.

As I have written in “Voices of the Stars” so goes “The Chant of Enlightenment”:

“We are all One...  We are all One...  We are all One...                                                
The Earth, the Stars, the Moon, the Sun...
We are all One...  We are all One...
Of feather and fin, of scale and skin
Of fur and blood and bone...
Of Herb and bough, of Sky and cloud
And bogs and sand and Stone...
Of Lightning’s blaze, of Thunder’s rage
Of all things yet unknown...
We are all One...  We are all One...  We are all One…”

In my estimation, one of the best things about INTENTIONALLY living our lives on the Wheel of the Year is that, at Samhain, the season of Death and Forgiveness, we die to the person we were through the year that is ending - breaking down to crumbled ash the old self - and forgiving ourselves - and others - for the mistakes that were made.  Every year at Samhain we (ceremonially) join our Ancestors, entering into the Chaos of un-manifested Potentials, to emerge again as a new person.  This gives us - every year - a clean slate and A NEW START IN LIFE.  What a blessing!

If you have wondered why people costume and mask at Halloween (All Hallows E’en)?  It is because of the ancient understanding of entering into the chaos/misrule, where all rules of social conduct are abated for a set period of time. * Amoung most of the people of Western Europe this period began at the sundown of their Festival of the Dead, to the sundown of the next day.  This is done in honor and recognition of the Dark Mother of Death and regeneration. 

These days were wisely adopted into Christian tradition, and the Roman Catholic liturgical year as All Souls’ Day and All Saints’ Day.
•    See Lord of Misrule on Wikipedia and History of All Souls Day at: 
•    Hallow is an old English word for a holy person or saint.

For more information on this cycle of the "Turn of the wheel" see my article on my music site, Rowena of the

Happy Hallowe’en, Blessed Samhain, All Souls’ & All Saints’ Days.

With much love,


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