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The Circle of Ancient Sisters

A Non- Profit Religious Pagan Organization.  Circle of Ancient Sisters is a re-constructional Kemetic Group.  They believe to walk a true spiritual path, one must do so with tolerance and understanding and without abuse, hatred, or discriminate against others in any way.

They Live by the Law and indestructible unity that is Maat.  They acknowledge and proclaim, each person has the right to believe and practice their spiritual beliefs as long as they respect those of others who they may not agree with. They believe there are many paths to enlightenment or what people term salvation and each person must follow the path best suited for their consciousness.

Historical Novel Society

If you like historical novels, this is a great site to surf.  At present, the Historical Novel Society boasts over 900 members world-wide: authors, publishers, booksellers, librarians, general readers, and more. The Historical Novels Review aims to review every new work of adult historical fiction released in the USA or the UK.  Selected titles from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are also reviewed, as are selected children's/young adult titles, for a grand total of over 800 reviews per year.  If you love Rowena's book, please consider telling them.  

"The Witch's Brew" magazine

A Magazine for the Pagan Community, Features Articles, Coven Profiles around the world, and INFORMATION on Practicing the Craft.  This includes information on stones, herbs, and ritual practices of many paths.

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