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imbolc title

Imbolc is the season of planning and getting our “tools” together for this years’ endeavors.

Try to remember all the years of your life, in which there came a day around the beginning of February, upon which you felt the draw of the coming Spring.   You may have noticed that the daylight is lasting longer... you may have thought “It’s still cold, yet there is a feeling of Spring in the air.” It’s always just a feeling, but such a joyful one...   You may have rationalized:  “It’s still very cold...” or “We’re still covered up by snow...” or “I know that it’s not Spring yet – but there is an excitement within me, a hopeful feeling.”  Think back.  I know that you’ve felt this – we all have. 

But notice this year that it is always around Groundhog Day.  Of course it is!  Are we not all drawn by the tides of Nature, as are the Groundhogs, as well as all of the others who burrow, cave and hibernate for the Winter? 

When the bravest of the Birds begin to plan their nesting sites and begin gathering twigs and sticks.  Yes, we feel the awakening too...  Some call it “The Quickening”.   We have spent the season of celebration in our homes, around our hearths, gathered with family and friends – or simply enjoying the peace of solitude and putting off dealing with the concerns of what works we must accomplish in this coming year.  Or – at least, we should have been – IF we have been intentionally living on the Wheel of the Year.  But soon, we will be swept along by that inexorable rush of forward motion.  The time of planning this years’ work (in ALL the fields of our endeavors – our mental/intellectual work, our energetic/spiritual work, our emotional/psychic/magical work [relationships included] and our physical/occupational/monetary/home and family work, as well as our fifth field of endeavor – the focus on the “Self”, maintaining balance and seeking personal growth) and our means of accomplishing it are upon us...

Yes, Imbolc is the season of planning and getting our “tools” together for this years’ endeavors.

For more information on this cycle of the "Turn of the wheel" see my article on my music site, Rowena of the

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Last updated April 2015