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Events title

Rowena Whaling

will be featured at

Pagan Unity Festival

Montgomery Bell State Park, Burns, TN
May 14th-17th, 2015

She will perform with her band, Rowena of the Glen, present two workshops and be among the featured authors.


“An Introduction to Sumerian and Akkadian Religion, Culture and Ancient Poetry”

Much of the wealth of western religion, mythology and magical science finds its origin in “The Land Between the Rivers” - ancient Sumeria. Join me as we immerse ourselves in its richness and read some of the world’s oldest epic poetry by a known and credited poet, the High Priestess of the temple of Moon God Nana/Sin, in the City of Ur, Enheduanna. Read of her love of the Great Goddess, Innana, and of her own womanly struggles in a man’s world.

“The Wheel of the Year - In Depth”

Many people think of the “Wheel of the Year” as a liturgical year of eight Holy Days or Sabbats. However, in this workshop we will examine the “Wheel” of our years as eight “Seasons”, each waxing into and waning out of the energies of their pinnacle, each “High Day”. We will closely examine why we greatly benefit by intentionally living every aspect of our lives - mental, spiritual, emotional and physical - on Nature’s “Wheel of the Year”. In this “Hands-on” workshop we will also examine the “wheels within wheels” - of the hours of each day, the months of each year, the “Seasons”, or ages, of our human lives, as well as the monthly and annual cycles of the Moon - all superimposed over the “Wheel of the Year” and the four directions of the “Magic Circle”.
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