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Excerpt from Voices of the Stars by Rowena Whaling

Once I made up a story about them.

Aeons ago they had been the dominant and most intelligent race on this Earth.   But the Time came about that they had all served their required incarnations of life.   And so, all together they had ascended to the Stars – save for one Dragon.

This one Dragon was broken-hearted to leave this place.   She could not bear the thought of leaving this world behind without the stewardship of a race of beings as – or at least almost as – intelligent and wise as Dragons.   She knew, of course, that within the great Seas were Creatures such as the Whales and Dolphins, but as for the land…

Now, really she should have known that the Mother Goddess would leave no void – that She would provide.   Besides which, intelligence might not be as valuable as the Love, Spirit, and instincts that the other Animals had.   But this Dragon would have her own way.   So, as all of her race flew towards the Stars in one mighty flock, she stayed behind. 

She had a plan.   She rolled up a ball of wet mud made of Water and Earth and she rubbed two Stones together with her mighty front clawed feet to create a spark of Fire.   Taking a living branch from a Tree, she lit the branch with the Fire and blew her breath upon it to create a very hot Flame.  Air, Fire, Water, and Earth had she used.  Then to gift her Creation with life, she cut her wrist and bled out her life’s blood upon the wet muddy ball.   She became weaker and weaker – still she nurtured the muddy ball, determined to give it her last drop of blood.

As she bled and as her mud ball cooled, she lay herself down beside it to keep it warm and safe even whilst the burning branch had extinguished and turned to ash. 

She continued to weaken...  But before she breathed out her last breath, she saw to her joy and great amazement that the ball began to crack open as if it were an egg.   There inside there were two Human babies, one male and one female.   They looked very strange to her.

Then an awful thought came to her – who would feed them?  Who would teach them?  She fretted mightily.   But just before she died, a great Idea came upon her. 

You see, Dragons bleed in great large drops of blood – so as she had just enough strength left to drop her last drop of blood, she dropped it into the babies’ hungry open mouths.   Then she hissed, “Eat the bloody mud and ash, oh my Creatures of earthly Elements.”   Then she howled a beautiful song with her last great breath.   Within this Magical song she left knowledge of all of Cosmic Mysteries to the babes as well as the gift of creativity and Love of music, poetry and dance.

All of the other Dragons looked down from the Stars in great sorrow, knowing that their sister had sacrificed herself for the babies.   They held counsel together and vowed to protect this new kind, which held the last earthly drop of Dragons’ blood. 

But as ages passed, the Humans became less and less like Dragons.   That is to say that although they had been gifted with Dragon intelligence – well almost – they lost the Dragons’ heart.   Most of them lost the ability to see and feel the Spirit Realms and could no longer hear the Dragons’ call.   Even worse than this, they became haughty, vain, and selfish.   So far away from the first Humans’ nature had they become, that even the gifted and sincere could only see Dragons when Dragons made great effort to be seen.   As Time went by less and less did the Dragons care to be seen.

Realizing this, the Dragons held that they would fervently guard their own treasures – which are the Wisdoms of the Ages – by Flame and by terror, to assure that only true seekers could breach the entrances of their Caverns.

Or so does my imaginary tale go...

Still I do wonder sometimes if there is not a remnant of Dragon blood in me – for I have felt its Humming and Drumming every moment of my life since I stood in that frozen Mist in the center of that Fiery dance of Stones and heard my Great Teacher’s call."

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