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General Information:

Contents of this web site are copyrighted. 2014-17 Rowena Whaling unless otherwise noted.  If you would like to use the material of this site, please contact Rowena Whaling.  Also review: [What is Copyright Protection?]

BERNE CONVENTION FOR THE PROTECTION OF LITERARY AND ARTISTIC WORKS  (Paris Text 1971) is applying to the copyright of this site. 

General Web site Graphics:

Web site images were created by Crystal Cloud Graphics, they retain their copyright.  2014-17 Crystal Cloud Graphics.  They were created explicitly for this web site.  As long as this web site uses them,  they may not be used elsewhere on the web without explicit permission and agreement of Rowena Whaling and Crystal Cloud Graphics.  This includes: the title images, dividers, buttons, bullet icons, and book presentations.

When photos were used to create the above items, they were provided by Rowena Whaling.  Many of the photos represent images that are part of her private collection, published, and/or copyrighted material.  The publishers have the copyright usage permissions for certain images from the original copyright holders.  Fair usage allows her to use that copyright umbrella for the display of covers, excerpts and articles.  Crystal Cloud Graphics does not claim copyright to any of the photographs used.

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