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Rowena Whaling signing booksBOOK SIGNING -

Scheduling Rowena Whaling for a book-signing event at your bookstore is an excellent way to boost your sales.  Rowena is happy to combine the event with a short talk to your customers about the book, sharing her enthusiasm and ideas with participants.

To schedule a book-signing event at your bookstore, club, school, or for your organization, e-mail Rowena Whaling.


Books purchased can always be signed at Rowena's book signing events (see event calendar).  You may buy the book at the event or bring your own copy.   If a signing event is not located near you, consider encouraging your local book store to contact her to schedule one.  

Another option is for you to e-mail Rowena and discuss either sending her your copy to sign or buying the book direct from her (she has on hand a limited amount of copies).  After signing, she will ship the book directly to you, or if it is a gift, to whomever you designate.  You will be responsible for shipping charges and a nominal fee to cover Rowena's time for the personalized service.
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