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Rowena Whaling title

Rowena WhalingThis is my first venture into becoming a professional author.  I always knew that I would become a writer of books.  I began writing poetry at 6 yrs. old and by the time I was 10 years of age, I was a prolific writer -- crafting extensions and expanded versions of Greek (Homeric) sagas & myths into short stories, which brought new characters and events to life.  My first literary publishing was at 13 years of age -- two poems in a large school of the arts (High School & Jr. College) yearbook.

However, my lifelong love of music and of singing lead me to embark upon the path of a singer and writer of songs.  I was trained for the opera, which then lead to singing jazz, pop, R&B rock and to the obvious outlet as a writer of songs...  I am a member of ASCAP.  I have had hundreds of songs published, of which I am composer of both lyrics and music.   Have been a staff songwriter for three different (2 very well known) publishing companies in Memphis and Nashville, TN. 

I have written a (Musical) screen play - with both music and narration completely recorded, narrated and performed - "New Orleans 1967".   And a ballet-operetta - "Alekzandr & Aloyosha" - which is recorded, narrated and performed as an audio book, and in an illustrated book form, with extensive artwork by Carla Ray Langford.  Neither of these have been "Signed" as of yet.  Of course, I would love to share these with you too...

I am also the maven and proprietor of an enchanting childcare run from my beautiful Victorian cottage in Nashville; which has been awarded with the highest of ratings.  

I live with my beloved husband of seventeen years - Joe Funderburk, in the greater Nashville area.

T hrough all the years, the Voices of the Stars spoke to me and inspired the first novel of the series "Voices of the Stars".  I am currently engrossed in the creation of the second book in the series.

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