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Grain and Harvest Title
Here is an entry from my new novel, "The Voices of the Stars".

The great Fires had been lit.  We heard the drumming and Chanting coming from the Tor, then echoing off of the Water of the Lake.  There was a throbbing in our ears like the throbbing in our loins. 

The women were there in the circle already, of course.  For, each woman would be the face of the Goddess to the man or men they lay with this Night.  We, the men, must pursue them until they let us catch them.  When we heard the second horn sound, we shouted one great cheer and raised one last flagon in salute!  Then we were all making our way up the spiral path to the top of the Tor.  When we were almost there, we heard the women already in the circle clapping their hands and Chanting: 

Where is the Stag?
Where is the King?
Where is the Antlered God?

We men all sprinted the rest of the way up the path and jumped into the ring of dancers and danced as we called out:

Where is my beauty?
Where is my Love?
Where is my Dream for this Night? 

I held back for a moment...  Then, when I entered the circle, all became silent.  Only the Wind and dancing flames could be heard. 

To honour that part of my blood that was of the Clans who I would serve as King, I chose as my call to the God the words of an ancient poem.  As I pranced round the circle, feeling more and more like the God within me, I cried out: 

I am a Stag of seven tines...
I am a wide flood on a plane...
I am a Wind on the deep Waters...
I am a shining tear of the Sun...
I am a Hawk on a cliff...
I am fair amoung Flowers...
I am a God who sets the head afire with smoke

All the while I was strutting the circle – trying to find the hiding Veiled One.  As soon as I stopped my Chant – with the power of the God coursing through me – I saw her.  Dancing wildly, I chased and pursued her, weaving in and out of the spectators standing in the circle, and calling out to Her until She was caught in my arms. 

When I lifted her veil to kiss her, there was an audible gasp from all the participants seeing who She was...  I was speechless.... horrified... and thrilled beyond what I could bear!  I could not move; I could only stare into the face of my beloved.                    

She had invoked the Goddess to enter herself before the Stag God was summoned to the Tor.  It was not now her’s, but the shifting face of the Goddess looking back into mine.  I saw eternity in her eyes...

She began to speak, in a voice both terrible and beautiful.  Quoth She:     
“Face to face in a Time that is not a Time...  And place that is not a place, I hail and welcome you, Great Horned One...  My consort of the Eternal Present...  Drink of this cup...  Goddess to God, Enchantress to King, Woman to man...”

I thought, but did not say aloud... “Drink of this cup?  Cup of Death?”  In stark realization I thought – I am the sacrificial King of old!
She continued...

“As Enchantress and King we honour the Great Ones of Creation...  But upon this one Night, as Goddess and God, we shall lie in the throes of ecstasy, to bless this land and all who dwell herein...  On this one glorious Night, we, together, will conjure the Magic of Creation!  Here – In the Land of Myth, In the Realm of Magic – In the Beginning of all – we stand... you and I, my King, waiting to be joined in form.”   

At that moment – for the first Time, I fully realised that we were the hands of Creation Itself. 

I answered:  “Goddess and God, female and male...  We are the perfect polarity of life – the breathing in and the breathing out of the Cosmos!” 

These were the ancient words that I had memorized.  Yes, but when I spoke them, they and all of this – the Tor, the Stone Circle, the dancing flames, the Ritual – became the only true reality... as though the daily lives we lived were but a Dream without substance... shadows only in the thoughts of Man. 

The Priestess perspective:

Arthur spoke as if Entranced... 

“Hail and welcome my Goddess, my Love...” 

He hesitated!!!  Another intake of breath came from those all around.  He had forgotten the last ancient words! 
Then Vivianne raised her hands and said:

“All that is, is... and yet everything changes.  She changes as She wishes, and as She wishes, all things change.  I beseech You, Goddess – Go now and change the world!  Make a King!  One such as the world has been waiting for.  ‘King of the Holy Blood’.”  Vivianne wavered, almost collapsed.  Then she hissed – “Go now!” 

At her words, Arthur and I ran down toward the Wood.  A few moments after we left, another great shout came from amoung the celebrants gathered at the Circle.  So then did everyone else atop and around the Tor, run down the spiral path and into the Greenwood for the merrymaking.       

Only Vivianne and The Merlin remained at the Balefire.                     
Lady Vivianne sang the Chant of Acceptance, with tears falling down her cheeks.  Her words were:

Shake the bones, grind them to dust
If live we will, then die we must
Shake the bones, stir the soul   
If laughter is silver, then tears are gold
Round and round, the Dance of Death
Moment to moment and breath to breath   
Ashes to ashes, beginning to end
Death to Death, to live again!                
Ceridwen’s cauldron
Hecate’s keys
Ishtar’s Dragons
Innana’s Bees   
What will be, will be, will be...
What will be, will be, will be...   
                                    What will be, will be, will be...

        Godspeed and Goddess Bless,

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