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This page has links to in depth articles  about the subjects listed and a special treat featuring Rowena's seasonal musings.  Enjoy!

A DRAGON MYTH - From Voices of the Stars by Rowena Whaling.

A WINTER'S TALE - From Voices of the Stars by Rowena Whaling.

WHEEL OF THE YEAR -  General information on the Wheel of the Year by Rowena Whaling.

THE GRAIN & HERB HARVEST -  Also known as Lammas by Rowena Whaling.

SAMHAIN - Also known as  Halloween, All Souls’ & All Saints’ Days and Day of the Dead by Rowena Whaling.

IMBOLC (or Imbolg)  - Also known as (Saint) Brigid's Day by Rowena Whaling.

BELTANE (or Beltain) - by Rowena Whaling

SUMMER SOLSTICE (or Midsummer) - by Rowena Whaling

Rowena's Seasonal Musings:
“In My Garden”

Rowena Whaling writingThe Summer Solstice is the time of greatest power.  It is the time for claiming all that we have accomplished and all that we are.  Although it is not yet harvest time, by now we will be able to see, in our "fields", what kind of harvest this years planting will bring.  If we have succeeded to develop a great harvest, or if we have not, we
 will know it by now.  But it is not too late to "Plant" another crop!  It will not be the same as the planting at the Spring Equinox  -  it will be a late crop - but it can still be a positive one. 
 I wish for you and yours a happy Solstice and a magical, sultry Summer.

With much love,


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