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Voices of the Stars title
Volume 1

by Rowena Whaling

Herein lies the true, in-depth, eye-witness chronicles of King Arthur, his compatriots and his Star crossed love for Morgan.  Woven into the rich tapestry of this magnificently complex,  emotionally charged, heroic saga – are the old ways, the old Gods, the Great Goddess, Magic, Seers, Enchantresses, Druids, Dragons, Ancient rituals, rites, medieval battles, and the Leonardo DaVinci of his day, Gwyddion, the Merlin.  It is filled with intrigue, historical, and original and legendary characters.  The trilogy covers five generations, focusing on the five distinct cultures living in the Land of the post Roman Britons.  Explore the inner worlds of trance, dreams, ritual and true magic through its complete spiritual practice expounding the Cosmic Mysteries.   Immerse yourself in this Otherworldly saga... live within the Magic Circle of its new legends and Epic Poetry.  It will fill you with power and awe.

"Voices of the Stars" is the first of a trilogy.  It follows the safekeeping, losing then finding of Morgan’s compiled histories. The trilogy begins c. 450 and ends in 1969.  The theme of the writing, compilation, hiding and finding of the histories runs throughout the first 3 books of this series: (1st) “Voices of the Stars” (c.450-532), (2nd) c.510- 565 and (3rd) c.1953-1969. And then, their will be related books: c.500-550 and c.2575 BCE, Egypt.

If you love historical fiction, myth and magic, tragic romance, medieval warfare, metaphysical, psychological, action/adventure, Arthurian or fantasy novels... this is the book for you! Also, persons interested in mystical/Goddess spirituality and who love original epic poetry... It is geared toward an audience of young adult & adult readers.

Voices of the Stars book cover

"I LOVED Voices of the Stars….. the magick was so powerful… this work has got the touch…”
Silver RavenWolf
 This book is unique and compelling because:

  • It is a unique usage of early Welsh Arthurian legend to set up and delve into five generations of the ongoing writing and compiling of the "histories" of the heroine, Morgan, and her family and all in Arthur's closest circle of contemporaries.  It is the "TRUE" story of Morgan & Arthur as well as of Gwyddion the Merlin, Nimue the Enchantress, Igraine the Seer, her son Bedwyr and all the others of the Alliance of Compatriots. 
  • Unlike the vast majority of other Arthurian-based works, (which are based on 12th and 13th century French "Fairy Tale" Romances) it is geographically and historically accurate. 
  • "Voices of the Stars" deeply expounds upon the revealed Cosmic Mysteries of an ancient religion, filled with myth, Magic and phantasy.

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